Business Consulting Services

Starting, maintaining, and growing a business in today’s competitive financial environment is a rewarding process. Our goal is to help our clients recognize growth opportunities within their existing operations, evaluate potential risks, and implement profit enhancement measures. We assist our clients in designing and implementing results-oriented solutions that maximize the effectiveness and future strength of their organization. Our strategic planning sessions focus on creating new ways to accomplish the following:

  • Increasing Business Profitability
  • Exploring Alternative Growth Strategies, including M&A
  • Tax Efficient Asset Protection and Management
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Enhancing Operations
  • Identification and Management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Owner Exit / Transition Planning
  • Building Company Value

Transition Planning

Transition planning can be useful at many points in the life of a person or business. Rise Solutions Inc. specializes in several types of transition planning to help you better prepare for the transitions in your life.

Strategic Planning

With strategic planning, we can help your business plan for the future. We facilitate planning sessions with owners and key management, then we work with staff to implement the plan. We can also serve as a catalyst for plan accountability. We believe there is no business too small to benefit from strategic planning. We help you plan your future, and then you make it happen!

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestures

Our clients engage us for various phases of the mergers and acquisitions process. First, our team members conduct due diligence on the potential acquisition, and when a not-for-all-cashdeal is considered, we conduct due diligence on the acquirer. We also strategize with our clients and attorneys regarding valuation and measurements to use in an earn-out situation. We advise buyers and sellers of the tax opportunities regarding purchase price allocation. In the covenants and warrantees area of agreements, we work with our clients and their attorneys to ensure they are not warranting something that is not valid or warrantable. We also let our clients know when it’s not in their best interests to close a deal. In those cases, we help our clients understand why we advise them to walk away.

Family Business Transitions

Passing a business to the next generation is a tricky process that poses many questions: When should this transition be considered? What should the timing be? What about the family members who are not involved in the business? How might this affect the parents’ estate planning? What will be the effect on the family dynamics? The answers to these and many other questions are not found in the back of an accounting textbook. Our team members have experience with clients who have faced these challenges. Through these experiences, we can guide our clients through the transitions and help them understand the problems they might face.

Business Consulting