Employee Stock Ownership Plans

ESOPs are a great way to more effectively engage with your employees, create smart cash flow opportunities, and eventually, a thoughtful exit strategy.

At Rise Solutions Inc. we take your finances as seriously as you do. We recognize the complexities that arise when establishing and maintaining an ESOP, and our experts can provide the most effective strategies and solutions. From disseminating shares of departing partners, to borrowing money, to employee benefits, our team walks you through the ESOP process developing a custom approach to mitigate your tax cost while considering opportunities for deductions and/or deferrals.

With Rise Solutions Inc. at the helm, you can run your business with confidence knowing that you will maintain compliance and avoid potential fines, penalties, and inquiries from the Department of Labor and the IRS, keeping your company protected and investments profitable.

We have assisted clients with the following ESOP related services:

  • Annual valuation updates
  • Consultation in applying
  • ESOP accounting
  • Employee communications
  • Entity and transaction structuring
  • ESOP feasibility studies
  • ESOP plan audits
  • Executive benefits structuring and modeling
  • Financial statement audit, review, compilations
  • Repurchase Obligation Consulting
  • Sell side due diligence
  • Succession planning
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Transaction opinions
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP CPA)
Employee Stock Ownership Plans